5 Ways to Detox Your Kitchen

Everyone knows it’s important to eat healthy.  We start off most new years with the intention to clean up our food intake, loading up on more veggies and less processed foods.  But what about the utensils and products you use to make all that healthy food? To help you prepare cleaner, safer food for yourself and your loved ones, here are five steps to detoxifying your kitchen:

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5 Clean Living Facts You May Not Know

Well it’s January 1st, and we’re all reviewing 2018 to decide what we’re going to do different this next year. 

What did we fail to follow through on last year?  What can we improve on this year? How can we REALLY stick to our resolutions this year?

But in the back of our minds we know come February, 98% of the things we started today will have been forgotten or abandoned…Or is that just me?!

What if, instead of swearing you’re going to finish that intense workout regimen or vowing to never touch sugar again, you simply decide to read a post every week on how to reduce toxins in your life? I mean, I am a classic starter/never finisher, but even that sounds achievable to me!

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