About Me


You know it’s important to “live cleaner” but you don’t know the steps to take to get there.

How do you navigate the complicated world of labels and ingredients?

How can you ever fit nutritious, sustainable meals into your already busy schedule?

I had the same questions.

Hello there! I’m Rachel, and I live in San Antonio, Texas.

Living in San Antonio, the call from Mexican food and margaritas is real. Up until a few years ago, I had eaten the SAD (Standard American Diet), had zero knowledge about toxins in my environment, and had been a slave to birth control for over 15 years.

When I got married, my husband and I did our first round of Whole30, which opened up our eyes to the ingredients in our everyday foods. (Although we still struggled to eat “clean” despite this newfound knowledge—who’s with me?!)

I thought I had learned a lot then. But when we began thinking about starting a family, I started researching the best ways to prepare my body and home for my future littles.

My research led me down a path to knowledge about the toxins in our food and homes that is still changing my life.

I learned:

  • My body communicates through a complex system of hormones;

  • Countless environmental toxins influence those hormones in real ways;

  • Symptoms I had come to accept as normal could be eliminated by lifestyle changes;

  • The health of the soil—or the happiness of the dirt—is crucial to the nutrition value of the plants and animals we eat; and

  • Nutritious, sustainable food holds healing power for not only our bodies but the earth.

But with a demanding job, I had to find ways to work clean living into my already stressful schedule.

So I started taking baby steps. I slowly incorporated fresh food from nearby farms into my lifestyle.

Then I found Beautycounter—an amazing makeup and skincare line that I knew would be safe for my body. I loved the company and its mission so much I started sharing it with others.

Desperate to contribute what I could to regenerate even my small city lot, I stuck nine chickens and a vegetable garden in our backyard.

You can live a cleaner, safer, more sustainable life too—and I’m here to help!

I started this blog to help other busy women out there who want to feel better, live cleaner, and provide more for their bodies and their families than they ever thought possible. Join me on my journey to living in a way that regenerates your body and the world around it.

I can’t wait to meet you!